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Accurate information on work incentives, social security & ND disability issues.

Hi Everyone From The WIPA Leadership Call!!!!

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Rehab services believes in inclusion for all people.
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Monthly Highlight

Restore, a thrift store and more is the theme we started with when the doors first opened and it continues on. Restore trains people with disabilities employment skills with the goal being a job of choice in the community.

We have been blessed with volunteers from the community as well as the Minot Air Force base. Sula is one of those community volunteers that routinely shows on Friday mornings and hits the ground running. The area schools also bring high school age students in Special Education to learn work skills, Restore is also a site for people required to do community service.

RSI's two residential program for individuals going through drug and alcohol treatment volunteer weekly. Brooklyn Flats and Recovery House programs knows this serves many purposes, learning the benefit of volunteering, giving back, updating their resume to name a few.

Here is a bit of humor, when we were starting Restore there was some doubt if we would get enough donations, well that question has been answered.

The Restore staff are a good group of hard working individuals that each bring a talent making the store a program RSI is proud to claim!!

RSI Named

RSI has recently been awarded the "Best Place to Work" from the Minot Daily. Results of the Minot Daily News subscriber poll has RSI the #1 place to work in the Minot area! RSI takes great pride in this achievement. RSI has been serving people with disabilities in the Minot area since 1988. If you are interested in becoming a part of our excellent team, please check out the employment section of our website.

Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA)

Greetings! For those of you who attended NDACP's Benefits Planning training, "Maximizing Employment Outcomes: Best Practices in Social Security Benefits", you can find a digital copy of the training material, a quick reference guide, and a blank SSI calculation sheet below.

Social Security Benefits Project

Social Security Training Manual (document)
File Size: 5820.99 kb

Social Security Training Manual

Quick Reference to Social Security Benefits for 2014 (document)
File Size: 279.35 kb

Quick Reference to Social Security Benefits for 2014

SSI 2014 Calculation Sheet (document)
File Size: 38 kb

SSI 2014 Calculation Sheet

Apartments Available!
Posted on 2/11/2015

RSI has low income apartments available right now at the Henry Towers! If you, or someone you know, is age 62 or over, or has a disability, check into the apartments with the Henry Towers in Minot. Please contact Terry or Jay at RSI to find out more! Equal Housing Opportunity. read more of this story