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Hi Everyone From The WIPA Leadership Call!!!!

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Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA)

Greetings! For those of you who attended NDACP's Benefits Planning training, "Maximizing Employment Outcomes: Best Practices in Social Security Benefits", you can find a digital copy of the training material, a quick reference guide, and a blank SSI calculation sheet below.

Social Security Benefits Project

Social Security Training Manual (document)
File Size: 5820.99 kb

Social Security Training Manual

Quick Reference to Social Security Benefits for 2014 (document)
File Size: 279.35 kb

Quick Reference to Social Security Benefits for 2014

SSI 2014 Calculation Sheet (document)
File Size: 38 kb

SSI 2014 Calculation Sheet


Recovery House is hiring for Full Time evening shift 3pm-11pm Monday-Wednesday and day shift 7am-3pm Saturday-Sunday.

Brooklyn Flats is hiring for part time rotating shift based on need, either 3pm-11pm or 11am-7pm weekends.

Please apply online or stop in to our main office at 112 2nd Ave SW to fill out an application.

Children's Home Ad
Posted on 7/30/2014
The Children's Home provides a warm, active, and fun home for children and is designed to support the needs of children who have developmental disabilities and other needs, such as a need for ongoing medical support. Check out our ad currently running before movie showings at Carmike Cinemas in Minot. ... read more of this story