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Recoveree Connection

Posted on 1/30/2012

Colman Quill,
Recoveree Connection Coordinator
Recoveree Connection is through a contract from the North Dakota Department Division of Drug & Alcohol. Recoveree Connection contacts people who have requested support in their recovery from substance abuse. Participants are offered enrollment by an addiction service provider, parole or probation officer, or by self referral. Recoverees specify the days and times they would like to receive calls. Volunteers call and visit with participants to see how they are doing. Volunteers have a resource manual that includes information on local support groups, treatment centers, counseling offices, and on line recovery sites.

Over 6,000 people in North Dakota will receive treatment for drug and alcohol problems in the current calendar year. Many of the Recoverees relapse within the first three or four months. The main objective of the Recoveree Connection is to help people through that crucial first phase of recovery.

Recoveree Connection calls are based on one person talking to another person sharing help, hope, support and resources to make a good start in the changing process of recovery. Recoveree Connection is always looking for volunteers!

~ Colman Quill~
Recoveree Connection Coordinator