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SSI Beneficiaries

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. Persons qualifying for this benefit in North Dakota receive a maximum amount of $721 per month in 2014. Persons receiving SSI qualify for the state program Medicaid in North Dakota but are required to submit an application for this service with their local County Social Service office. SSI is an income based program and payments will be affected by any sort of income an individual may receive. A formula is involved with SSI that reduces the amount a person receives in benefits once they begin working. The following is an example of an individual receiving SSI and how working will impact their benefit amount.

Non-working and receiving SSI Working and receiving SSI
Work income - $0 $ 500 (work income)
SSI Payment - $721 - $ 20 (General income exclusion)
  - $65 (Earned income exclusion)
  / 2
  $721 - $207.50 = $513.50 (new SSI amount)
  + $500 (work income)
$721 (total useable income) $1,013.50 (total useable income)


  • Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE)
  • Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)
  • Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE)
  • Blind Work Expenses (BWE)
  • Property Essential to Self-Support (PESS)
  • 1619(a) and Extended Medicaid 1619(b)
  • Section 301 Vocational Rehabilitation Client
  • Expedited Reinstatement of Benefits (ExR)
  • State Medicaid Buy-In "Workers With Disabilities"