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Who We Are

RSI Management Team.
RSI Management team.
Jeanine Kabanuk, Financial Coordinator, Marla Kulig, Executive Director, and Jay Klabunde, Assistant Director
"We Help People," It is a simple statement but goes to the heart of what RSI does. RSI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was started in 1988 to provide supported employment services in the Minot community for persons with disabilities. Since its inception, RSI has become a community leader in employment programs for persons with disabilities. With our success, we have been able to expand our services to include a number of programs serving people with individual needs.

Our agency now has a thrift store, services for offenders, residential services for people in treatment, and statewide programs for people in recovery and a statewide program for people on SSI or SSDI. Please click on our programs link for more information.

Our Mission Statement

To provide progressive options for youth and for people with disabilities focusing on employment, housing and economic development.

Our Philosophy

RSI promotes inclusion for all people. RSI has a consumer-driven board of directors and promotes independence in all programs and services. RSI's core values for employees are:

I - I will treat every individual with respect and dignity.
N - New services will be designed for needs identified.
C - Caring for individuals served.
L - Look forward in your thinking and service to others.
U - Understanding of disability and individuals right to choose.
S - Supports provided are holistic in design & implementation.
I - I will treat consumers as I would like to be treated.
O - Outcomes for the individual's served are of primary importance.
N - New ideas will never be discouraged.

Our Accreditation

RSI is accredited by CQL (the Council on Quality and Leadership) for providing exemplary services for people with disabilities. RSI's accreditation runs through 2016.

Staff Ethical Codes of Conduct

At RSI, our staff are well trained to provide high quality services to the persons we serve. Our staff also must agree to total confidentiality of persons served, and abide by the following policy....

The staff of Rehab Services will conduct themselves in a compassionate and professional manner during their employ with Rehab Services, Inc. The staff will adhere to all Rehab Services Policies & Procedures, the Personnel Manual and the Confidentiality Agreement they have signed in their orientation to employment with Rehab Services. Employees of Rehab Services will utilize the Person First language in any marketing or speaking regarding individuals with disabilities and will treat all individuals with the highest degree of respect. Appropriate Releases of Information are completed in order to discuss client's cases with outside agencies.

Employees will conduct themselves professionally in all areas relating to Rehab Services employment programming, to include:

Working with clients.
Conducting marketing activities.
Conducting business and financial practices.
Working with community agencies.
Working with members of the community.

Employees will also be required to follow the guidelines of their respective educational requirements, such as: the NASW Code of Ethics and the NDAPSE Quality Indicators for Supported Employment.